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Company Demax PLC invested in a scientific project which led in 1995 to acquiring for the first time in Eastern Europe a cutting edge optical technology for document security and brand authentication, copy rights protection.


Demax Holograms PLC offers to their clients “key protection” - from the idea through the project to the finished product. The company offers design and production of holographic products for a number of applications:

  • For the purpose of high end document security as it is required for ID documents, driving licenses, vehicle registration  documents, credit cards, bank cheques, transport and insurance documents, certificates, diplomas, etc.;
    For brand authentication, promotions, etc. for various products such as: spirits and tobacco products, foods, pharmaceutical products, electrical and electronic devices, luxurious goods, etc.

In addition to the manufacturing of wide variety of hi-tech printed products Demax customers can profit from the opportunity to apply a hologram on the printed articles and to offer on the market their high quality products ensuring the end-users a 100% guarantee for product authentication.

Demax is a full member of the International Hologram Manufacturers Association (IHMA).

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Demax – Security Printing Expertise

Demax Graphic Arts Group is the major Bulgarian producer of printed products, including self-adhesive security products and stickers, equipped with up-to-date security features and optical systems for the purpose of high end document protection.

Demax Group has long years of experience and company know-how in the security printing industry. Our Security Printing Division offers design and manufacturing of many types security printed products. Basically, the final product can be in form of:

  • document on paper or plastic substrate
    holographic product
  • self-adhesive product
  • self-adhesive sticker
  • plastic card

equipped with security features according to the product application, type and level of required document security system.

Traditionally, these products combine the rich potential of the company's own up-to-date printing lines in which Demax Group has no competition in the Bulgarian market.

The interaction of Demax self-owned hi-tech lines – sheet-fed & web offset, production of holographic products, manufacturing of plastic cards, flexo, digital printing, screen printing – makes possible production of high quality sophisticated printed products for various application purposes which are equivalent to the international security industry articles.

Demax meets orders by the Bulgarian government, private sector, foreign clients.




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