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Leading security printing house and the most modern private printing enterprise in Bulgaria.

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We don't brag because the numbers behind our successes are telling enough.

Numerous customers rely on our competence and expert capacity, corporate structure and first-class technological equipment that allow us to find efficient, fast and cost-effective solutions for their specific needs and requirements.

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IHMA Best Holographic Matrix Award for our latest development - the nano-optical element "1001 Hollars"


Two IHMA awards for the nano-optical element "Egyptian Fantasy", awarded in the categories "Most Innovative Holographic Technology" and "Best Holographic Matrix"


Forbes Bulgaria Magazine Award in the category "Best Startup"


American Sesames Award for SkimProt Multilayer Security Sticker, awarded as the Most Innovative Product in the Card Manufacturing category at CARTES Secure Connections America, Las Vegas, USA


IHMA Award for Best Securitization Product for "Car Document Authentication for Bulgaria"


Gold medal and diploma from the 67th International Technical Fair, Plovdiv, for the development of "Electronic system for the management of theoretical exams"


Gold medal and diploma from the 60th International Technical Fair, Plovdiv, for "Holograms and optical elements for protection of trademarks and documents against counterfeiting"

The health and safety of our employees and the protection of the environment are of paramount importance to us and a constant concern. Demax Printing Group has been assessed and certified according to the requirements of the ISO/IEC 14001 system.

The emission of harmful substances in our production is minimized by the use of modern technologies and top-class equipment. Demax uses recycled materials as well as energy efficiency systems.

Demax AD
Quality and Environment Policy

Demax DPI AD
Quality and Environment Policy

Among our values is the belief that everyone should contribute to sustainable development by being a responsible corporate citizen who:

* applies best manufacturing practices
* ensure healthy and safe working conditions
* develops business with care for nature conservation
* actively partner in the process with stakeholders
* invest in the development of human potential

Demax AD participates in numerous social initiatives, both within the group of companies and in national and international campaigns of the Red Cross, UNICEF, Bulgarian Christmas. It also supports numerous individual campaigns of churches and boarding schools throughout the country.

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