Modern and customized according to international standards!

Personalisation by class

In cooperation with Trueb S.A. Switzerland, part of the Gemalto Group - a world leader in the production of cards and multifunctional chips - Demax Printing Group has built and commissioned a modern centre for card production and personalisation in accordance with international standards in this field.

Trueb Demax plc has extensive expertise and manufacturing experience in the field of plastic cards and offers comprehensive card-based solutions and card-based identification systems in the healthcare and education systems, public transport, access to services, corporate employee cards, access control cards, loyalty cards, prepaid gift cards, etc.

Our services

  • Production and personalisation of cards
  • Encoding of chip cards and magnetic stripe cards, RFID, etc.
  • Card access systems
  • Concepts, turnkey solutions, project management based on plastic access card or electronic signature systems


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