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Demax Group

Leading security printing factory and the most advanced private printing enterprise in Bulgaria

Our story

Founded with 100% private capital and started with 8 employees.
DEMAX 25 Yrs Panels 120x120_S1 1992-2017
2_DEMAX 25 Yrs Panels 120x120_S1 FORMS
Start of forms and jobbing work production
Start of holographic production for the first time in Eastern Europe - the most advanced optical security technology
4_DEMAX 25 Yrs Panels 120x120_S2 HOLOS-2
5_DEMAX 25 Yrs Panels 120x120_S1 FLEXO
Implementation of the most modern flexo printing line in Bulgaria, making us a leading manufacturer of self-adhesive products.
Upgrade with industrial solutions for monochrome and color digital printing and document customization.
6_DEMAX 25 Yrs Panels 120x120_S2 DIGIPRINT-1
8_DEMAX 25 Yrs Panels 120x120_S3 IT
Implementing information technology printing and creating IT solutions for processing and managing data and workflows.
Establishing a joint venture Trueb-Demax AD in partnership with Trueb International AG.
7_DEMAX 25 Yrs Panels 120x120_S3 CARDS
10_DEMAX 25 Yrs Panels 120x120_S4 LOTTERY
A combination of digital, offset, flexo and screen printing in the production of instant lottery tickets
Expansion to five modern production centers in Sofia on a total area of more than 50 000 sq.m.
DEMAX 25 Yrs Panels 120x120_S3 BUILDINGS
11_DEMAX 25 Yrs Panels 120x120_S4 PACKAGING
Large investment for a large entry into the flexible and cardboard packaging market
Two IHMA Awards for the Egyptian Fantasy Nano-Optical Element - Most Innovative Holographic Technologies and Best Holographic Origination
13_DEMAX 25 Yrs Panels 120x120_S4 NEFERTITI
DEMAX 25 Yrs Panels 120x120_S5 25YRS
An established corporate structure of five owned companies specialized in several major sectors of modern polygraphy and staff of 700 people.

Our achievements in facts and figures from the last year

We are not boasting because the figures behind our success speak for it. Numerous customers rely on our expertise and experience, a corporate structure and first-rate technology equipment that enable us to find effective, fast and cost-efficient solutions tailored to their specific needs and requirements.

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  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO/IEC 20000-1
  • ISO/IEC 27001
  • ISO 14298
  • WLA Security Control Standard
  • International Hologram Manufacturers Association (IHMA)
  • World Lottery Association (WLA)
  • Printing Industry Union of Bulgaria, which is a member of the European Federation for Print and Digital Communication INTERGRAF
  • Confederation of the Employers and Industrialists in Bulgaria (KRIB)
  • The UN‘s Global Compact in support of the sustainable growth, corporate and personal responsibility
  • 2017 – “Best Holographic Matrix” from IHMA for our latest development – the nano-optical element “1001 Hollars”
  • 2016 – Two awards from IHMA  for the nano-optical element “Egyptian fantasy” – in the categories “Innovations in Holographic Technology” and “Best Holographic Matrix”
  • 2015 – Award by Forbes Bulgaria in category “Best Start-up Business”
  • 2014 – The American SESAMES Award from CARTES Secure Connections America, Las Vegas, USA, for Card Manufacturing innovation in category “Card Manufacturing” for SkimProt anti-skimming multilayer protective label
  • 2011 – IHMA commendation for “Best applied security product” for the development of “Car Document Authentication for Bulgaria”
  • 2011 – Gold medal and diploma from the 67th International Technical Fair, Plovdiv, for the development of “Information system for management of driving licence theory tests”
  • 2004 – Gold medal and diploma from the 60th International Technical Fair, Plovdiv, for “Holograms and security features for document and brand protection against forgery”


The health and safety of our employees and protection of the environment are essential for us. Demax Group has been assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of ISO 14001.
The emission of harmful substances in our production has been minimised through the usage of advanced technologies and up-to-date equipment. Demax uses recycled materials as well as energy recuperating system.


Among our values is the belief that everyone should contribute to sustainability by asserting his position as a responsible corporate citizen, who:

  • Applies the best practices in production;
  • Provides healthy and safe working conditions;
  • Develops the business with care for the nature;
  • Actively partners with various stakeholders;
  • Invests in the development of human potential.


Demax PLC participates in numerous social initiatives not only within the corporate group itself but in partnership with national and international organizations such as Red Cross, UNICEF and the Bulgarian Christmas campaigns. We support various individual church and orphanage charity campaigns around the country.