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IT Division


Demax has highly qualified team of IT experts which serves Demax Group of companies as well as a number of customers. Our IT Division develops and implements practical solutions and systems for optimization of the management and control of the work flows related to main aspects of the company functioning such as production, commercial activities, finance & accounting activities, etc.


  • ERP systems development and implementation – the contemporary answer to the increasing need of smart and practical solutions which help to improve the  day-to-day management and coordination of the company's resources, information flow and activities and operations.
    E-statement solutions for companies offering their services to the mass users such as: telecommunication companies, bank and insurance institutions, utility companies, etc.
  • E-documents e-signed documents – an innovative option to improve the security of the paper based documents – which, by means of contemporary encoding methods, provides easy way for authentication of the entity (person, company, institution) issued the document;
  • Digital solutions for paper based documents (OCR, OMR, barcode optical reading, counting, etc.);
  • Card Management Systems (CMS);
  • PKI-solutions and integration with smart cards OS;
  • Loyalty programs solutions;
  • Direct Marketing solutions.

The professional activities of Demax IT Division are closely related to all company activities and operations within Demax Graphic Arts Group.



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