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Demax sheet offset printing house produces wide range of printed products for distribution to to the following basic market fields:

  • Variety of documents, forms, security papers and special printed materials used by the government sector as well as many private companies and organizations.
    Most of these products are designed and manufactured with incorporated security   features for document protection.
  • Printed advertising, information and presentation materials for mass applications.

Demax sheet offset printing house provides full customer service - from graphic design to delivery of the end-product: graphic design, prepress, digital color proofs, printing plates exposures on CTP systems Lüscher, high quality printing on Heidelberg sheet-fed offset presses, paper finishing jobs, packaging, logistics.

Demax is leading Bulgarian printer of forms, documents and security papers by contemporary sheet and web offset printing. The production is licensed by the Ministry of Finance and is constantly controlled on site by their authorized experts.

Production of documents, forms, security papers, special printed products for:

  • The government – ministries, state organizations, structures and institutions;
  • Banks and financial institutions, insurance companies;
  • Companies, organizations, schools and educational institutions, end-users from various business sectors.

The manufacturing of wide range of products such as documents, forms, tickets, bank cheques, bank-savings books, vouchers, share certificates, school certificates, ID cards etc. is carried out under Demax Security Printing Division specialized in design & printing of graphic arts products with incorporated up-to-date features for document security.

Printed advertising, information, presentation materials for mass applications:

  • Catalogues, brochures, leaflets, flyers;
  • Calendars, posters, labels;
  • Magazines, albums, books, school books,etc.

The high quality printing provided by the sheet-fed offset printing method is used along with the rich potential of the other existing technology lines at Demax facility:

  • Classic hot stamping and embossing
  • Manufacturing of holographic products
  • Production of plastic cards
  • Digital printing
  • Screen Printing

for manufacturing of wide variety of hi-tech printed products which have become a trademark of Demax company.



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