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Bulpap PLC is a member of Demax Graphic Arts Group and is our specialized company in import & sales of high quality materials and consumables for the printing industry from world leading manufacturers:


  • Sheet and reel papers for offset, digital and flexo printing: newspaper, SC, LWC, MWC, self-adhesive papers, carbonless papers;
  • Thermal boards;
  • Reel plastic materials, self-adhesive films for flexo printing;
  • Mail envelopes
  • Consumables

Bulpap PLC is the major supplier of papers, printing inks, materials and consumables for Demax Group production facility. The company operations include sales, logistics and distribution of materials to many clients and business partners.

Bulpap PLC has a contemporary warehouse separated to three zones:

  • Stock for palletized goods equipped with a high-rack storage system which provides space for up to 2000 pallet loads
  • Huge premise for reel paper storage with capacity of 1000 tons
  • Reel paper conditioning zone

Bulpap warehouse is equipped with a bar-coding authentication system which enables on-line registration and tracking of all the incoming and outgoing goods and data-base capturing of the information and status data covering all stored goods.

A special software has been developed and implemented by Demax IT experts for the needs of Bulpap company business activities which helps for optimization of the everyday company operations in terms of planning, order processing, deliveries, sales, input and output control, document exchange, etc.



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