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Company Demax PLC investment in a scientific project led in 1995 to acquiring for the first time in East Europe a cutting edge optical technology for document and brand security. The company succeeded in relatively short terms to build up and integrate all parts of the holographic production into a complete technology line of Demax-Holograms.

Company Demax-Holograms PLC offers to their customers “key protection” - from the idea through the project to the end product.

Two options of the end product are possible:

  • Holographic pressure sensitive label for manual or machine application (tamper evident or tamper proof);
  • Holographic image hot stamped onto a paper or plastic substrate – document, credit card, label, package, heat shrinkable bottle capsule, etc.

Demax-Holograms PLC offers design and manufacturing of holographic products for a number of applications:

  • For the purpose of highest document security levels as required for ID documents, driving licences, vehicle registration documents, credit cards, bank cheques, transport and insurance documents, certificates, diplomas, etc.
  • For brand authentication, promotions, etc.: spirits and tobacco products, foods, pharmaceutical products, electrical & electronic devices,  luxurious goods, etc.

Company Demax-Holograms has been developing and introducing in production a number of materials and optical security features used either by Demax Group and other users operating in the document security industry.

In addition to the manufacturing services covering wide variety of hi-tech printed products Demax Group's customers can profit from the opportunity to apply a hologram on the printed articles and to offer on the market their high quality products ensuring the end-users a 100% guarantee for product authentication.



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