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Leading security printing house in Bulgaria

Licensed production of forms, securities and documents under constant control on site carried out by the Ministry of Finance


Web Offset Printing

Demax is the leading Bulgarian licensed printing house for offset printing of forms, securities and documents. The production is constantly controlled on site by authorized experts of the Ministry of Finance. Wide range of forms and documents is produced by web offset printing. Most of the products are equipped with different perforations, serial numbering, barcodes, etc. as well as variety of features for the purpose of fraud protection.

Demax Group is the only enterprise in Bulgaria for design and manufacturing of cutting edge optical security systems for high end document security and brand authentication.

Sheet Offset Printing

Demax offers high quality sheet-fed offset printing. Combined with the potential of the other self-owned technology lines – production of holographic products, classical hot stamping and embossing, screen printing, card systems – sheet-fed offset printing method makes possible manufacturing of hi-tech printed products which have become a trademark of Demax Group. Demax offers sophisticated & luxurious printed materials for advertising and information purposes, security papers and documents for various applications, plastic cards, etc.

Flexo Printing

Demax company owns the most modern flexo printing line in Bulgaria and is leading producer of self-adhesive labels and self-adhesive security products and stickers. The product range presents variety of attractive self-adhesive labels, stickers, packagings. Hot stamping, bar-coding, personalization, numbering, scratch-off, etc. can be applied as well.

The flexo printing line is integrated in the Security Printing Division of Demax Group.

Screen Printing

Flat-bad screen printing on paper, board, foils with conventional and security printing inks and varnishes. This printing method provides many possibilities for manufacturing of high quality, attractive and long-life products. In addition it helps some security features to be incorporated in the printed matter or just to improve the conventional look of the material with a final touch to more beauty, sophistication and brilliance.

Graphic Design & Prepress

A modern studio for graphic design, prepress  and FOGRA certified digital color proofs printed  on large size ink-jet systems with pignment inks. Our pre-press team has extensive professional experience in the graphic industry and offers graphic design of wide range contemporary printed products, including security papers, documents, promotional and information materials, company logos, plastic cards, etc.

IT Division

Demax highly qualified team of IT experts  develops and implements practical solutions and systems  for optimization of the management and coordination of the work flow – production, commercial activities, finance and accounting, etc. - for the needs of Demax facility and for customer service as well. Demax IT Division activities include design and implementation of information systems, business solutions and integrated services as ERP-systems, e-documents, e-statement solutions, CMS, direct marketing, etc.

Commercial Activities

Demax is the exclusive agency of company Folex AG, Switzerland, leading in coated films, foils, self-adhesive materials, photo- and art papers, art canvas cloth. Demax offers wide range Folex brand products for: digital ink-jet and laser printing, digital color laser presses, copiers, technical films for the electronics, latest developments for press room applications and contemporary graphic industry, etc.



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